Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ha Ha!! North Koreas Has Nukes

It's so funny it makes me cry, I mean really cry like sobbing.


For people who don't understand why Libertarians are against the wars in the middle east and excessive spending let me explain. There are real world threats, threats that can hit american cities and american citizens. We as a nation need to have the resources, the capital, the lending partners and political allies to deal with crises when they occur. We need to appear rational not vindictive, calm not aggressive, and by all means thoughtful not a mindless war machine.

We need to watch out for the Hitler's, the Stalin's and well anything that comes out of North Korea which is the definition of a crazy breeding ground. These are the people with armies, the professional kind not like the ones trained on a jungle gym. We need to look out for the people who would happily sit back and watch the world burn if they couldn't rule it, because those people are the actual threats. Those people and the ones who allow them to rule are crazy enough to give up their lives for a dark vision and false promises.

North Korea at Night: If you can get by the starvation
it's a great place for stargazing.

There are always going to be crazies who find a way to kill innocents, sometimes its a mass shooting, or a bombing or a plane crash. On 9/11 we lost over 3,000 american lives as a result of our actions since then we have lost over 6,000 more delivered by the government to the insurgents doors. Sure we allegedly got their leader, huzzah!! But what was the cost to our personal freedoms and liberties or...  the sheer dollar value.

"We are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy. Allah willing, and nothing is too great for Allah," Osama Bin Laden

Truth is if that was his goal he's winning. We pissed away money hunting and chasing an ideology. We burned political bridges and threatened civilians who were simply born in the country. We have spent the resources we need to stop a world war III on a dispute with a fringe group. Have we killed alot of insurgents or just general bad guys? sure, but the drone campaign is acting like a jihadist recruiting poster. It's like wielding a blade against a hydra every time we lop off a head two grow in its place.

We're a superpower and its time to start acting like one.  Lets put down our weapons in the middle east and try to let them deal with the problem. Even if al'qaeda remains they at least wont be able to easily target american soldiers and we wont be spending trillions of dollars to essentially recruit for them. We need to learn to live within our means and manage our responsibilities so when a real threat does emerge we don't turn to find our resources exhausted. We don't get paid to be the worlds police, it's time to stop acting like we do. 

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