Monday, February 11, 2013

Is there Climate change? a synopsis

So if you don't feel like reading the rather long previous posts let me summarize. First the research does support the theory of greenhouse gasses and the idea that man has had AN effect on our temperature. However the quantity of that effect as well as its significance is up for debate. Furthermore there is no actual evidence that proves causality or validates that any future warming will be catastrophic. While there are claims for catastrophic evidence none of them can prove causality and a great many of them have been invalidated with later research.

The truth is I got bored reiterating arguments I constantly make and didn't feel like delving into the issues surrounding the theory of climate forcing factors. I also didn't tackle the claims of extreme weather, or why it would be a psychologically popular theory. Quite frankly its pretty dull hearing that global warming/climate change/extreme weather will cause both more and less snow, warmer and colder winters increased drought and increased rain. Anyone even remotely knowledgeable on the subject knows that climate change is supposed to occur over long trends and that the data doesn't support the extreme weather hypothesis.

So what does that mean for us? ultimately we need to wait and see whats going to happen.  We need to recognize that there is always a shaman preaching how, if we just spend money in such a way, we can prevent bad things from happening.  Before throwing money in tax subsidies, breaks credits or mandatory purchasing agreements for the alternative energy crowd we should have proof that the investment will pay off, as it stands now we don't. Even if CO2 did raise the temperature to dangerous levels, it is still cheaper to build nuclear and natural gas power plants than wind and solar. They last substantially longer and in the case of natural gas we have already seen a reduction in atmospheric CO2.

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